When gifted teenage friends Mia, Lance, and Lee are in a tunnel beneath the city of New York, the last thing they expected was for an earthquake to strike their city. Seeking shelter, they find themselves dragged far below the world they once knew so well to the haunting world of Citadel.

Ruled by the fearsome Oman, the people of Citadel are in desperate need of hope and courage in the face of fear. Upon discovering that Oman holds a key needed for their return home, they set out on a dangerous path to Citadel to defeat Oman and his fierce army. But little do they know, Oman has a secret weapon: a group of formidable immortal creatures who once ruled the world. If these creatures have made it to their world the fight will continue.

A tale of fantasy and adventure, Spoilers: The Rise and Fall unearths the strength found within the bonds of true friendship. And only when we find ourselves in a situation of profound uncertainty can we know the full depth of our own potential. For Mia, Lance, and Lee, the discovery of Citadel is just the start of their dramatic test of courage and unique skills.

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About the Author

Marsha can’t remember a time when she wasn’t writing or thinking about a story that needed to be told. She splits her time between her residence in Orlando, Florida, and spending time with her sons in Detroit, Michigan. In her free time, you can find her reading books in every genre, taking walks, and trying out new recipes.

While spending time with middle graders and teenagers, she began to notice their love of science fiction and fantasy worlds. This helped spark her debut YA novel, Spoilers. However, it was important to her that the characters in the story reflect the diversity in our society.